Support a worthy cause as ONE company! Collaborate and construct a bike for a deserving child!

The Build-A-BikeTM team building event concept is a unique, interactive and challenging program which enables your company to pursue team building elements while engaging and motivating your employees to support a worthy cause as one company.

The participating group will be divided into teams to undergo experiential team building activities. Each team has challenges to solve, codes to decipher and missions to complete in order to acquire the resources (bicycle parts) they need to assemble and build a bicycle.

Choose your choice of beneficiary group or we can help you link up with one. Remember that very moment you received your first, brand new bicycle when you were young? For many of the young beneficiaries, this may be the first ever bicycle they will have ever owned. This program gives your team the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of these children. It will be an extraordinary way to infuse your team building event with energy, instil a feeling of goodwill in your people and build a sense of connection beyond daily work challenges.


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