Build a dynamic team and create a cohesive squad that plays with enthusiasm, confidence and shared goals through the game of Sports! Take back the on-court team spirit and fly your team back in the workplace!

What better way to develop a positive and high-performing team culture than using the power of Sports. The MULTI-SPORT CHAMPIONSHIP GAMESTM encourages friendly competition and team building in a fun and informal environment. Choose from a series of Competitive Sports or Modified-Sports game list and be a part of the concept customization process to tailor the intensity of event to your organisation’s requirements.

We have something for everyone! From recreational players to competitive sports players, from young adults to the silver generation, from passive participants to active contenders – we have available activities catered for all!

Competitive Sports include games such as 3-on-3 Basketball, Street Netball, Captains Ball, Dodgeball and the list goes on. Modified Sports are basically sports with an interesting twist, for example, 4-Way Volleyball, United Badminton, Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, Poolball etc.

Get in touch with us for a complete list of Sports and Games to choose from! An ideal concept for your company’s Sports Day or Active Day!


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