For months in the making, we are finally unveiling our new logo branding to reflect the progress we have made in Player Group! Here we are, revealing our new logo and taking our next step in our journey to elevate more hearts through Sports.


Representing the Players of all fields, the logomark is made up of two ‘P’s in the positive space. The double ‘P’s form a ‘H’ in the negative space revealing that elevating Hearts is at the heart (core) of our brand.


The ‘H’ is portrayed in the negative space as the burning passion, game spirit and sportsmanship of all players are invisible to the eyes and can be felt in the hearts of players.



The ‘E’ in Player Group is highlighted to represent ‘Elevate, Engage and Experience’. The logotype is designed specially to portray the dynamic side of Player Group, constantly striving to create a positive impact in the lives of others through Sports.


Our new look marked the start of an ongoing transformation that will continue for years to come. From developing and enhancing our sports management expertise, to creating novel and engaging teambuilding concepts, to delivering high impact training programs through sports, we are placing your experience with us at an even higher priority than before.


We are growing and we want you to be a part of our progress! Join us in our growth as we commit ourselves to elevate more lives through the game of Sports!


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Our team at Player will like to thank our dedicated and talented designer, Catherine Leck of Anywool for the conceptualisation, development and creation of our awesome logo!



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